Empathy at Work

Resentment Shows You Your Boundaries

“I love it when resentment shows up” declared my friend Kim, “because it shows me when I’m living outside of where my boundaries are.” This is the most succinct and appreciative definition of resentment I’ve heard. Kim’s observation brings up for me a strong visual....

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Introducing Appreciative Listening

 (As part of Empathy at Work, I will be regularly publishing blogs on different communication skills and techniques. This is the first of these blogs. This method is one I’ve built and refined and expanded. The original credit for the core exercise goes to the...

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Choose Empathy

There is a popular view that empathy is the pathway to becoming emotionally weak. By responding to the emotions and circumstances of others, we risk losing control, sliding into an emotional soup, with the consequence being, an inability to steer and respond to one’s own agenda. I’m here to present a different understanding.

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Empathy At Work

Empathy at Work explores the “how-to” of skilled empathy.

I’m passionate about how to create conversations with vitality, better our relationships with clients and colleagues, and expand empathically informed work.

I look forward to your questions. Ideas. Sharing what has meaning for you. Writing about your experiences in response.

Together, we will know that our collective efforts to expand empathy are working when in our hearts and in our world there is:
more hope than despair, more love than loneliness and more peace than terror.

You are very welcome here.