Coaching Packages

Free initial consultation followed by a customized proposal

This proposal will not only define your goals,
but will also outline for you the coaching approach
that I’ll take to support you to meet these goals.

Results you can expect from my coaching include:


Positive Changes in All Your Interactions


More Productive, Focused Meetings


Significant Improvements in Rapport in the Workplace


Concrete Changes in Performance

All Leadership Coaching includes:


An initial Strategy Session of 1.5 – 2 hours

On location at your organization preferred when possible.
In this session, we will review:

  • your overall business strategy
  • a detailed capture and prioritization of the issues
  • more in depth overview of your leadership style and strengths
  • your leadership development objectives
  • outcomes and measures

Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • 50-60 minutes by phone, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Each session has an agenda and agreed upon action steps.

E-mail/Phone Support

  • Monday to Friday, 24/7

Toolkit Materials

  • Summaries of tools will be provided with room for notes and reflections

Other Resources

  • To support the coaching objectives (these could be articles, books, videos, etc.)




  • Access to on-line assessments and debrief (eg. Personality Dimensions, Emotional Intelligence and others)

360 degree feedback

  • On your communication strengths and impact (note, I conduct confidential interviews to support in-depth understanding of the feedback).
  • I will interview between 5 to 10 people in total, and design the feedback to answer questions that are important to you.
  • Examples: What are your strengths?
    What are the communications habits people would prefer you develop? change? eliminate? etc…

Leadership Shadowing

  • For some leaders, having their coach on hand to observe and/or support them in a particular meeting, can be the basis of a very rich vein of knowledgeable and articulate observations about workplace culture, personalities, and skills of the employees and of the leader.
  • A lot of planning is necessary in order to ensure that this is a well-received, positive and educational experience for all.

Review of Written Materials and Messages

  • E-mails can be a very useful vehicle for communication when used well, and in support of your objectives. A review of your regular correspondence could help pinpoint opportunities for you to further your goals, with a very low investment of time on your part.

Team Coaching

  • When establishing a new conversation culture, it is often helpful to have available some customized, individualized coaching for members of the management team or staff.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please just ask! Let’s Talk button link to my scheduler.


I’ll provide an estimate following our initial consultation to discuss coaching.

For More Information and Special Requests

The most important skill identified in the study of effective leadership was communication skills (55%).


“Listen, Learn, Lead” Global Research