Great leaders invite people to develop solutions together.

Energizing – Focused – Results Oriented

One of the skills of great leaders is they know when to
invite people to engage in developing resolutions and decisions together.

I support leaders by facilitating conversations related to:
Strategic Planning
Team Work
Improved Communications
New Collaborations
Project Planning
Change Management Planning

Examples of Recent Client Facilitation Work

When the stakes have been high, I have:


Engaged a new high powered executive group (with different turfs to protect) to connect positively with one another and to build commitment to working in a new decision making structure.


Focused an agenda so that known detractors are respectfully prevented from derailing the conversation and yet, still able to fully participate in the meeting.


Worked with a staff team that hadn’t fully recovered from a harassment investigation, and helped them find new ground for working together


Worked with two politically divided organizations, each facing funding cuts and supported them to find common ground for funding collaboration


Engaged a Board of Governors reeling from multiple resignations and personal attacks to find a new basis on which to work together


Assisted an organization to define bold new strategic directions that will preserve both it’s core business and expand into a new niche


Supported a flailing business partnership to establish business processes and practices for clear, collaborative decisions.

What I Bring to Facilitation

When leaders hire me to facilitate it’s because they trust me to bring:


thorough understanding of their business and an appreciation for your organizational culture and norms


strong design to the agenda so that the outcomes can be realized in the time available


powerful questions to positively and respectfully engage participants


attention to building community and connectivity while also accomplishing tasks


an ability to steer between the right amount of structure and flexibility in managing the agenda


attunement to varying styles and information requirements in the group (including working effectively across a wide range of abilities)


a commitment and capability to end on time


I’m happy to provide a fees quote following the initial consultation to discuss your facilitation needs.

What Leaders Have Said

Marion was great. She did an awesome job keeping us on track. We got through our agenda, and I was impressed that she pulled it together so quickly and at the last minute. She’s a wonderful person.

Dr. Joubert

London Emergency Pediatric Doctors

I’m leaving with new insights and feeling re-energized about our work. Your facilitation, format and leadership were outstanding!

Senior Manager

Ministry of Health Promotion

You ran an amazing, energizing session. You even won over one of our oldest cynics. The slide deck hit all the right issues and engaged people in innovative new ideas for how we can develop as a team.


Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs

Loved the energy created by Marion. She really motivated our group and turned us into a “super group”.


Kingston Public Health Unit

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