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Not only will the workshop material be highly practical and focused on the “how-to”, it will also be:



to your organization and staff, and based on solving real issues



experiential, thought provoking and fun


Worth Your Time

I teach the best of what I’ve found really works



to many different contexts and purposes, increasing the value of the time you’ve invested



and easy to adopt


I have been to many communications workshops and have found them to be a waste of time. However, this workshop I enjoyed because it was practical.


I appreciated how concrete the examples were and how clearly each item was explained. I really felt this session was extremely helpful. Excellent!


District of Parry Sound, Social Services Administrative Board

Custom Workshops

All my workshops are customized to:


Your Organization (business, purpose, challenges)


What’s driving your interest in learning at this time


What learning approach works best for your group


Group dynamics and challenges


Professional backgrounds of the participants, numbers and other relevant history


Accommodations for everyone’s full participation


Scheduling – length, timelines, logistics

Workshops to fundamentally shift conversations
and create innovative solutions


W1. Leading with A Solutions Focus: Short Cuts to Solved

A conversational tool kit that is simple, powerful and adaptable for one-on-one, team or whole organizational conversations. It’s my “go-to” toolkit for coaching, planning, project management, team development, difficult conversations, etc. In other words, it’s the conversational toolkit ingredient you need in your repertoire to make your conversations work


W2. Appreciative Inquiry: Leading Positive, Collaborative Change

The underlying premise of Appreciative Inquiry is that the questions we ask are “fateful” – in other words, they set the course for how much, and what kind of change is possible. Appreciative Inquiry is focused on finding the very best in human experience, to help set the course of what could become an every day reality in future. It’s a powerful toolkit for large system change.


W3. Turnaround Conversations: Three Essential Practices That Transform Workplace Relationships

If you want to see relationships transform, start with the three essential practices in Turnaround Conversations. By adapting these three practices, you’ll always be able to shift any workplace dynamics in positive directions.

Workshops to address tough issues, while building relationships and performance:


W4. Performance Conversations: Get Results, Not Resistance

For supervisors, managers and execs only

Knowing how to give and receive performance feedback is essential in the high engagement workplace. Too often, however, these conversations don’t live up to their intended purpose. This practical workshop helps managers set the relationship container, purpose and focus of their performance conversations with staff, as well as provide the feedback in useful and motivating ways.


W5. Hold Difficult Conversations with Clarity and Confidence

For staff or managers

This course is designed to deepen your understanding of issues of safety, mutual purpose and emotional styles in the conduct of difficult conversations, as well as time for practice and building clarity and confidence to address any difficult issue.


W6. Appreciating Communication Style: It’s all in how you say it!*

*Based on Personality Dimensions/True Colours

Communication style is about how you like to receive information and what it is you need from your communication with others. Knowing how your style works with others, and options you have for “saying it differently” is a skill that will support you for the whole of your career. Your team will thank you for this one! It’s fun, informative and deeply useful, every day.

Workshops to create a more emotionally resilient workplace:


W7. Resiliency 101

This workshop teaches you simple, yet adaptable to anywhere, practices and tools for increasing your resiliency to setbacks, disappointments, conflicts and circumstances outside of your control. You will: gain insight into the helpful genius of your emotions; practices that will help you question your beliefs and assumptions that are currently blocking your access to wellbeing; and you will learn some helpful communications tools to support you to develop stronger, more valuable connections to the people who are important to you.


W8. From Self-Sacrifice to Self-Care: Skills for Resilient Leaders

Empathy is a core leadership competency, but the truth is, some leaders are susceptible to becoming hyper-empathic – doing things “for” their staff and their clients, and missing giving empathy and necessary self-care to themselves. This is a recipe for burnout. This workshop will give you “on-the-job” skills you can use in your busy day (no yoga mats or meditation cushions required!) to restore your own resiliency while you work.


W9. Compassion Fatigue Prevention Rx

Knowing how to recognize the symptoms of compassion fatigue, and how to manage staff at risk of compassion fatigue is the focus of this workshop. By bringing attention to prevention, and to practices that support staff to be emotionally healthy and resilient in the emotion work of their jobs, there are additional benefits that also accrue in the quality of services offered to clients, consumers and patients.

Empathic Leadership:


W10 The Empathically Intelligent Leader

Empathy is life’s most essential skill, and the core of strong and intelligent leadership in today’s world. Each of us has the capacity for becoming very skilled in engaging our empathy more effectively to assist us to steer through complex and challenging situations. In this workshop, you will learn about the various elements of an empathic response, how to regulate your own emotions empathically, how to engage more effectively with emotionally challenging dilemmas, and how you can create “healthy” empathy with strong boundaries and clear thresholds.


W11 Leaders Guide to Navigating and Working With Emotions

Emotions are always present – even at work! – yet there are few guides for leaders on working with the emotions of others. In her revolutionary book, The Language of Emotions, Karla McLaren presented the first unified model for emotions, and how to work with their genius. In this workshop, you’ll learn more about their language, and how you can begin to bring new insights and conversations with the complaints, the apathy, the confusion, the anxiety of clients and staff alike, as well as learning how to work with your own emotions in different leadership challenges.

Public Offering Workshops:


Hincks Dellcrest Institute

If you have a personal interest in one of my workshops, or you’d like to send just one or two staff to one of them, a good solution are my publicly offered workshops through Hincks Dellcrest Institute.

I have been teaching at Hincks Dellcrest Institute for 12 years now. Each year, they offer a selection of my workshops.

  • Strategies for Helping Survivors – January 24, 2017
  • Appreciative Inquiry – March 31, 2017
  • Tools for Repairing Workplace Relationships – April 24 & 25, 2017



Gilda’s Club, Toronto

I also offer public workshops through Gilda’s Club, Toronto, for people with cancer and their families.

Registration is through Gilda’s Club.

My upcoming 2017 workshops include:

  • How Your Emotions Can Help You (date to be determined)
  • Setting Loving and Kind Boundaries (date to be determined)

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