Marion Langford

Coaching – Facilitation – Workshops

The Goal

Development and renewal of empathic, resilient, and collaborative leaders and teams.

What I Do

I inspire, teach, coach and facilitate to encourage and empower people to be their best selves.

The Right Tools

The best “how-to” in communication and collaboration tools, that work in any job, in any circumstance, to make things better.

Is it For You?

Yes, if your work is about making a positive difference in the world and you want to be even better than you are now.

Learning ought to be thought-provoking,
inspiring, and above all… practical!


Solve Performance Dilemmas

Develop Positive Strategies

Cultivate Leadership Skills


Build Collaborative Teams

Improve Communications

Implement Strategic Planning


Collaborative Conversations

Workplace Resiliency

Empathic Leadership

Positive Teamwork

For More Information and Special Requests

Marion is one of those rare guides helping people to do true transformational work together.

Martha Beck, PhD

Author, Life Coach to Oprah, Columnist, and My Own Coaching Mentor