The conversation is the relationship - David Whyte
Marion Langford


I guide people to have conversations that result in:

– More Connection
– More Authenticity
– More Energy in their work and work relationships
– More Resourcefulness and Resilience
– More Trust
– More Courage to create a rich and satisfying life on their own terms

We need to start recovery FROM the pandemic while still IN the pandemic

We are all still in the process of digesting and responding to what we’ve learned through the pandemic. It has had an impact on all our relationships, including work. Some work relationships have failed or just grew distant. Some people lost their connection to the work and their why. Some have had hurts or anger surface at injustices that couldn’t be ignored any longer. Others became overwhelmed and have needed to stop working altogether. Traditional boundaries between work and home have also changed for many.

All this to say, there has been a lot of the new to integrate and address.

During all this time, though, one thing didn’t alter. We still need each other.

I have tools and processes that can support you to restore your relationship to yourself, your work colleagues and your work.

For Leaders

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Focus Momentum Discovery

For Groups

  • Event and Project Facilitation
  • Team Communication
  • Workshops & Webinars

For Individuals

  • Self-Trust Coaching
  • Emotions Consultation
  • Power of Emotion at Work Study Group

For Anyone

  • Equine Facilitated Programs
  • Be Heard, Be Seen
  • Emotions as Messengers
Heart in Tree by Kim Rice Whittemore

At the heart of any true conversation, is courage.

The word itself is based on the French word for heart – couer, and originally meant, “to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart”.

Getting to the heart of what needs to be said and heard in a relationships isn’t easy. Sometimes, even after the hard work of doing so, you may be still facing a situation that doesn’t have an easy or quick fix. The conversation, though, is important.

When we choose courage, then we open up the possibility for more curiosity, more clarity, more compassion and more informed choice on the part of everyone.

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Want to know more?

I’d love to be your partner in supporting you to grow your internal, relational and leadership skills, so that collectively, we can chart the paths that will contribute to a more sustainable, compassionate and kinder world.
Your genius Marion is your extraordinary clarity and ability to engage people in powerful and constructive conversations. It’s your juju.
Ing Wong Ward

Associate Director

Marion’s capacity for deep listening, understanding of group dynamics and organizational change, and sense of humor add so much to her work. Marion works with individuals and organizations to bring grounded emotional awareness and healthy empathy forward in sustainable ways.
Karla McLaren, M. Ed

Founder and Author