Marion Langford

Marion Langford

About Marion Langford, M.Ed

Marion is a certified coach, facilitator, trainer and organizational development specialist with over 25 years experience.

Marion specializes in the practical “how-to” of leading transformational conversations. Her workshops and coaching contribute to the cultivation of healthy, resilient, engaged employees and innovative, sustainable organizations.

Her areas of expertise are: leadership development, team collaboration and dynamics, performance conversations, and the care and repair of healthy empathy skills at work.

Marion has 18 years experience as a senior manager in public service, leading both adult literacy, youth employment, accessibility programs, and also, organizational development and strategic human resources. Marion is the founder of Creative People Solutions, her coaching and consultancy company since 2003.

Marion has a Master’s in Education, and numerous certificates in coaching (Career, Life and Mind-Body coaching). She is certified to interpret a number of self-assessment tools (including Personality Dimensions and Emotional Intelligence). She is also a licensed Dynamic Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Consultant.

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It has become fashionable to say (we live in) an information age, but that’s not quite right.  In truth, we live in a communication age.

Greg Satell

“Why communication is today’s most important skill”, Feb 2015, Forbes Magazine