Marion Langford, M.Ed is a certified coach, facilitator, trainer and organizational development specialist with over 30 years experience.

Marion specializes in the practical “how-to” of leading transformational conversations at work. Her areas of expertise are:

  • leadership development
  • team collaboration and dynamics and
  • resiliency and the cultivation of healthy empathy and emotion skills at work
    self-belief and self-trust

Marion works primarily in health, education, social justice and not-for-profit sectors.

Photo of Marion Langford

Marion has 18 years experience as a senior manager. Her first 9 years, she led province-wide youth employment, adult literacy and accessibility programs, and in the second 9 years, she established her reputation for effective leadership in organizational change and development. Marion is the founder of Creative People Solutions, her coaching and consultancy company since 2003.

Marion has a Master’s in Education and is a life-long learner. She has numerous certificates and qualifications in various coaching and teaching modalities including: career, life, mind-body, narrative therapy and narrative coaching, non-defensive communications, emotions, empathy, solutions focused, holding space and self-belief.

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