We can change the world when we start listening. Quote by Meg Wheately, PhD

For Leaders

Leadership is strengthened through the quality of conversations you have with others.

Your leadership conversations determine how decisions are shaped, what meaning is created, and what actions will be adopted in the engagement of the human energy, creativity, attention and skills of your people.

I can guide you to increase the value of your conversations.

Areas of Specialization

  • Conversation practices and models
  • Relational challenges and how to have difficult conversations
  • Building trust with other people
  • Transforming the culture of your team/organization
  • Creating a healthy emotional environment for yourself and employees
  • Cultivating your own self-belief and self-trust
  • Focus on healing patterns of behaviour in the culture of your organization

My clients report that through our work together they have increased their capacity to inspire, mobilize, be clear, engage, and transform relationships so that they can see real progress in what matters most the them and their organization.

Three ways we can work together

Momentum Coaching

In Depth, One Time Consultation

Focus Coaching

3 Months Focused on Your Goals

Discovery Coaching

360 Feedback +
Development Plan

Momentum Coaching

In Depth, One Time Consultation

This is intended for you if you are seeking a definitive approach to a troubling dilemma or situation, and you would really value an opportunity to go deep with someone who will listen and support you to make a good decision.

I bring years of experience as a senior leader, consultant, coach and workshop leader to the table. And some solid common sense.

How it Works:

  • Email with the subject line Momentum Meeting, and we’ll book something in both our calendars.
  • Complete the questionnaire before our scheduled first meeting.
  • The first meeting is 90 minutes.
  • A second follow-up meeting (30 minutes) will be scheduled to allow you to assess progress being made in addressing the situation and to fine tune the approach .
  • A recording of the meeting will be available to you if you choose

Focus Coaching

6 sessions of Leadership Coaching on Your Goals

Even when we think the problem is “out there”, the only person we can change is ourselves and how we respond. Understanding what isn’t working is not enough. We need to have alternatives to choose from in order to do something differently. To collect evidence directly from our experience about what might work. To experience new ways of showing up in our conversations.

I work with an in-depth understanding of adult development and the processes which support true behavioural change. I’m trauma informed in my work, and bring years of experience in coaching people to make the changes that matter most to them.

How it Works:

  • Email with the subject line, Focus Consultation and we’ll book a time together.
  • If you decide you’d like to work with me after your free consultation, you will complete a brief questionnaire and review a coaching agreement that I will send to you.
  • A recording or our conversations can be made available to you if you choose (some people find it helpful to have, because it gives them a chance to also hear themselves, and deepen their appreciation and understanding of where their growth edge is.

Discovery Coaching

360 Feedback + Development Plan

We can’t change what we don’t know.

One of the biggest challenges in leadership is working with other people’s perceptions about you. Perceptions can cast a shadow that governs how much trust, respect and influence you have with the people you work with. And this is important because your scope for achieving your goals is very much tied to whether people are enrolled in wanting to follow you.

As a leader, though, it can be difficult to know where the shadows are that are outside of your perception. Which is where a customized, confidential process for giving you feedback from your supervisors, colleagues, staff and community partners, is really informative.

I design 360s to explore the questions that most important to the leaders I work with. These are not templated, scored questionnaires, or a “one size fits all”. The approach I use is to support you to uncover the fit between your job, your organization, your goals and you.

Depending on your budget, the 360 will use a customized questionnaire (lowest cost option), questionnaire results + a selected small number of interviews or rely heavily on interview input to collect observations about strengths, perceptions and undermining behaviors.

We will plan together what questions will be asked. Once I have the feedback, we will sit down and digest it together, making sense of it. When you are satisfied that you understand it, we’ll discuss what options and/or behaviours you may want to adjust to address those perceptions. I have a large toolkit to offer in helping you think this through. Our work is done when a thank you note is sent to all the respondents.

How it Works:

  • An initial meeting to discuss the goals for the 360, with you and any other people who need to be at the table for this discussion
  • Key criteria and questions are brainstormed, and a methodology is confirmed
  • Feedback is collected and a debrief meeting is scheduled
  • Following the debrief meeting, a written report will be given to you, along with recommendations on developmental strategies
  • A final meeting may be scheduled to set any additional goals related to development, based on some time to consider the feedback.

Want to know more?

Marion Langford’s approach to supervision is unique in its emphasis on compassion, transparency and relationship building. I would recommend her to anyone interested in how to be a leader and not just a manager.
Paulina Wyrzykowski

Director Toronto South Local Immigration Partnership Project, St. Stephen’s Community House

Our business has profited immeasurably from Marion’s help. Marion has introduced us to new concepts and to integrate them into concrete practices. She has helped us to understand and appreciate our differences and how to make these work for our business. As managing partners, we are now more aware of what drives and motivates decisions. She has worked with us to develop our partnership so that we can avoid and resolve any potential conflicts, and we are able now to more quickly reach agreements, streamline our meetings, and come to clear decisions. All this, and our meetings with her were both enjoyable and light hearted.
Dr. Debora van der Meulen

Kawartha Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Our conversation helped me see the ways I was on the right track and you provided me with additional strategies that I’ve implemented with good success. I so appreciated your support with this challenging situation.

Clinical Manager

In my first few years as ED at CILT, we unexpectedly lost several real champions in our sector within a very short period of time. We also had to find our way through pivoting to a remote work model while continuing to respond to the pandemic needs of the many disabled people we support in Ontario. Marion, your calm, wise counsel has always helped me to see a way forward, even when things have been very hard. I know when I come to you with a tough question, I will leave our thoughtful conversations with concrete tools and a plan. Thank you for your invaluable guidance and support.
Wendy Porch, M. Ed.

Executive Director, Centre for Independent Living in Toronto